Augustenapotheke (pharmacy)

   Augustenstraße 103, 18055 Rostock

In addition to the classic pharmacy range, you can find many sustainable products here, including the Sauberkasten. With basic ingredients such as soda, baking soda and citric acid, various cleaning agents can easily be made yourself, and can be supplemented with essential oils from Primavera. A large selection of soap dishes from Tranquillo and shampoos (in one piece) from the Thoma manufactory for every hair type are further sustainable products in the pharmacy’s range. Organic fat wool is offered for baby care as well as plastic-free pacifiers for toddlers: Goldi Sauger made from 100% natural rubber. Plastic-free teeth brushing is possible with the products from Hydrophil, and laundry bags for filtering microplastics in the washing machine, are available at Guppyfriend.


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